Increase sales and engagement
with state of the art management software

OTF Golf Management Software

OTF Golf offers the complete management software solution for all golf course operations.

For the manager, a one stop solution for tee times, inventory & customer management.
For the customer, a simple, intuitive & accessible platform to reach & engage with your golf course.

Through OTF Golf, your golf course will increase REVPATT to optimise tee times.

Why OTF Golf?

  • With golfers becoming more price driven & tech savvy, we help golf courses become more accessible & profitable through technological advances.
  • We enrich golf courses with data-driven insights, powerful segmentation & precision pricing on one platform.
  • OTF Golf is designed to optimise golf course operations & reduce barriers between the customer & the tee time.

What Do We Provide?

  • For managers, cloud based software with full inventory management & customer database for all golf course management & operations.
  • For golfers, a simple & intuitive platform allowing greater engagement with your golf course.
  • The optimum tools for precision pricing, bespoke reporting & data collection, designed to increase sales, improve customer experience & reduce wastage.

How Do We Differ?

  • OTF Golf adopts a transparent monthly subscription fee. NO barter model & NO hidden fees.
  • We help you target the right market segments with data driven pricing campaigns.
  • Measure strategy impact beyond impressions to truly understand what initiatives drive your sales.
  • By implementing OTF Golf, clients will see a tangible ROI thorugh an increase in REVPATT.
  • We are a dedicated team of golf specialists, revenue managers & technology experts.


Below are some of the key technical functionalities that we offer.
For further information & details on other features, please get in touch to arrange a demo.

The platforms

For full tech specification & pricing, please contact us for a full demo.


All the essential features for golf course management & operations.


Additional features for the larger operations with a need for greater functionality.


The ultimate suite of features to streamline & service the most complex of golf operations.

Work with us

These are the simple steps to becoming an OTF Golf user:

  • 1

    Kick off meeting

  • 2

    Platform creation

  • 3

    Database upload

  • 4

    Existing bookings

  • 5

    Staff training

  • 6

    Go live

" Since joining OTF Golf, we have seen a continual climb in revenues through increasing the volume of sales & the average transaction. We have strong KPI data & are in a position to use it effectively across our membership and visitors. "

Matthew Potter, Thorney Park Golf Club